Human-first customer support

We get it, you want your customers to have the best support. We're building tools to let you build and maintain relationships.

All-in-one, one for all

Everything you need to help your customers

RelationKit was built with you, the weekender, the indiehacker, the small business owner in mind. We're building tools to help you connect with your customers. No AI, no gimmicks, just you and your team.

Shared Ticket Inbox

A shared inbox for support tickets that lets you keep track of what's important from Day 1.

Knowledge Base

Build up your Knowledge Base and let your customers find their own paths.


Use an easy to use changelog to help keep your customers informed of changes, new features and more.


Use boards to collect feedback, ideas or suggestions and keep your customers informed on the progress of features.

Powerful JavaScript SDK & REST API

Most customers can get started sending customer details in less than 15 minutes.