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We understand the importance of providing exceptional support to your customers. That's why we're dedicated to developing tools that empower you to cultivate and nurture meaningful relationships.

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RelationKit was meticulously crafted with the passionate weekender, indie hacker, and small business owner in mind. Our suite of tools is purpose-built to equip you in connecting deeply with your customers. No AI or gimmicks, just you and your team, making meaningful connections that truly matter.

Shared Inbox
Stay on top of what truly matters from day one, thanks to RelationKit's shared inbox. Seamlessly track and prioritize support conversations, ensuring timely and effective customer assistance throughout the journey.
Knowledge Base
Build a comprehensive knowledge base with RelationKit, empowering your customers to find their own paths. Equip them with self-service resources, enabling effortless access to information and empowering them to resolve their queries independently.
Utilize RelationKit's intuitive changelog feature to keep your customers updated on changes, new features, and more. Deliver transparency and engage your user base by providing clear and concise updates, fostering a sense of involvement and trust.
Custom Events
Gain deeper insights into your customer interactions by leveraging RelationKit's custom events feature. Seamlessly send and track custom events from your applications, enabling you to focus on what truly matters and make data-driven decisions with ease.
Powerful API.
Harness the full potential of RelationKit's powerful API ecosystem. Our JavaScript SDK offers extensive capabilities that may eliminate the need for the REST API entirely. However, if you require additional flexibility, rest assured that RelationKit provides a comprehensive REST API for seamless integration.
Saved Replies
Effortlessly streamline your customer support workflow by utilizing RelationKit's time-saving saved replies feature. Respond promptly to common queries with pre-defined responses, eliminating repetitive tasks and ensuring consistent and efficient customer service.
Customizable Emails
Make a lasting impression by customizing the emails sent to your customers. Tailor the tone, and messaging to align perfectly with your unique identity, creating a cohesive and personalized customer experience.
Custom Domain
Bring your brand front and center by leveraging RelationKit's custom domain functionality. Seamlessly integrate RelationKit into your existing online presence by using your own domain, ensuring brand consistency and reinforcing customer trust and familiarity.
Build trust in your brand by collecting testimonials from your users and show off that social proof to encourage new customers to buy in. All from inside your RelationKit account.

The RelationKit Widget
Now In Beta!

Embed help articles right into your app

Give your customers the help they need right where they need it. Embed help articles right into your app with the RelationKit widget. It's easy to install and customize to match your brand.

Customize the widget to match your brand. Change the colors, text and more.
Easy to install.
Drop in a few lines of code and you're done, it's that easy.
Embed anywhere.
Embed the widget in your app, website or anywhere you want.

As an entrepreneur with several successful products, managing support gets really complicated. We made RelationKit to solve this problem so you can focus on building relationships with your customers and providing the best service. RelationKit has solved my technical support woes with it's shared inbox and great user experience for my customers.

Chris Oliver
CEO of GoRails